Beecell Signs an Agreement with Duraid Laham

Amman, Jordan - (March 2008) - Beecell, Jordanian mobile value-added services solution provider, recently launched a new service for subscribers using various Arab based telecommunications networks. This new service will allow mobile users to send and receive various scenes from comedy clips for the great Syrian actor Duraid Laham.

This unique service from Beecell was introduced to subscribers across the Middle East, North Africa and the Arab Peninsula after the company had signed an agreement with great actor Duraid Laham and the distinguished director Khaldoun Al-Maleh.

Through Beecell, subscribers can now receive a wide gallery of comedy scenes from the famous Syrian actor Duraid Laham, including the memorable scenes from his play “Kasak Ya Watan”, the TV series “Sah El Noum” and many others, via multimedia messages (MMS), Wireless Application Protocol (WAP), Ring Back Tones (RBT), and Mobile TV. New productions made specifically for mobile will also be produced.

Mr. Bashar Hantouli Beecell’s CEO stated that he is very happy to launch this new service at Beecell, as it contributes to providing unique entertainment content that is enjoyed by all mobile users in the region.

Elaborating further on this, Mr. Hantouli said, “Beecell is very proud to cooperate with the great Syrian actor Duraid Laham, for he is considered to be an Arab legend and an icon in his field for more than 30 years, his unique work whether on television, on theater, or on cinema still attracts millions of audiences from across the Arab world”.

He also added, “Due to Beecell’s affiliation with telecommunication networks across the region and the Arab world, mobile subscribers wherever they are can now enjoy watching Duraid Laham’s clips on their mobiles at all times”.

Great Actor Duraid Laham commented by saying, “I and Mr. Khaldoun are delighted to cooperate with Beecell as we hope to bring a smile to the faces of everyone that needs it.” .

It is worth mentioning, Beecell was launched in 2004, and is currently offering its content services to more than 23 GSM operators in the Middle East and North Africa, giving more than 45 million GSM mobile users the opportunity to enjoy a wide gallery of Arabic and English language content including ring tones, wallpaper, themes, images and lots more.