Beecell Launches Next Generation Service Delivery Platform

Amman, Jordan (July 2007) - Jordanian mobile value-added services solution provider Beecell has announced the launching of its next generation Service Delivery Platform (SDP) with Oracle technologies integration.

Designed to fall inline within Beecell’s mission to continuously provide innovative services to all its clients, the new SDP has been developed by an in-house team of specialists working within the Beecell organization. Through the integration of Oracle technologies into its operations, and because of the rapid growth of its subscriber base, Beecell will now be able to grant more mobile users in the Middle East and North Africa the opportunity to access SMS/MMS services and WAP/WEB portals via a network of more than 18 telecom operators and access to over 35 million mobile users.

The new platform also supports Digital Rights Management (DRM) protection which serves to safeguard MMS content and Multimedia Downloads data from being illegally distributed.

Commenting on the new platform launch Beecell’s Chief Technology Officer Aiman Ziq said, “The importance of the Service Delivery Platform for mobile operators is highlighted in the fact that revenue generated to those operators from value-added mobile content-based services is incrementing rapidly. Ultimately, adopting cutting-edge technological solutions is a key to this industry’s growth. Our SDP addresses high availability, high performance, and rapid deployment of new services. In our market, time is a key determinant and we tackle this by staying abreast and adopting the most up-to-date applications. This, in turn, provides our clients – the operators – with the competitive edge they require to meet their subscribers’ needs and expectations.”

It is worth noting that Beecell’s SDP platform has the capability to send millions of content messages via SMS, MMS, and WAP Push on a daily basis. The company’s content and services include 3G-tailored services, mobile content management, provisioning and delivery platforms, Bulk SMS and MMS, Mobile Trivia, Chat, SMS and MMS to TV, MBlogs, Mobile banking solutions, in addition to Web/WAP mobile portal.