Beecell Brings Toni Qattan’s Latest Work to Mobile Users

Amman, Jordan-(May 2007) - Aligned with its ongoing aims to promote the works of local artists, Beecell - a Jordanian mobile value added services solution provider, recently signed a contract with Jordanian popular singer Toni Qattan. Through this contract Beecell shall distribute Toni Qattan’s songs and video clips in the form of mobile ring tones, wallpapers, themes, and video downloads exclusively in Jordan as well as regional mobile markets.

As part of its strategy, Beecell constantly strives to provide its expanding client base with unique, beneficial and entertaining mobile content in a wide variety of formats. Furthermore, Beecell is pursuing diverse content culturally to its subscribers, spanning Levant, North Africa, and the Gulf.

This agreement is only one of many similar ones signed between both Beecell and other renowned artists from across the region, and this particular partnership with Toni Qattan comes as part of the firm’s ongoing endeavor to further promote the works of Jordanian artists across the region.

Commenting on the agreement, Mr. Bashar Hantouli CEO of Beecell said, “Tony Qattan is one of the most popular Jordanian singers today, and we are glad to be part of his regional exposure and success. We are proud to be signing this agreement with him, for by doing so, we are solidifying our position as promoters of the arts and culture of Jordan, its music, and as providers of quality based mobile content.”

Mr. Qattan said that he was proud to be working with Beecell “To me, this contract comes as a window of opportunity, for it allows my music to reach a wider listener base. I hope that through this service I will be closer to my fans, especially since they are the ones who had asked me to make my music available via mobile-based media. I have full trust in the high quality of service presented by Beecell. I am confident that this particular firm is capable of expanding the reach of my songs on both the local and regional levels.”