Beecell Signs an agreement with Jordanian singer Majd Ayoub

Amman, Jordan (June 2011) Beecell, a leading content provider for mobile services, has signed an exclusive agreement with singer Majd Ayoub to provide his lovers and fans in the Middle East and North Africa with his latest albums, singles, photos, and video clips, such as “Tetzakari Lamma”, “Bekyet Elsama”, and “Elmatareh Moshtaqa”.

This agreement is one of many agreements that Beecell has signed with several famous Arab stars, such as Yahia Sweis, Tima Eljaber, Mohammad Ramadan, Tawfiq Aldalo, and the Kuwaiti singer Yaser Habeeb with his song “Zanga Zanga”, in addition to the Jordanian music production company “Firas and Basim Alsalayta.”

Through this agreement, Beecell is seeking to broadcast songs of Jordanian stars to all their fans in the region, whereas mobile users will be able to receive the songs of Majd Ayoub via two technologies:
- Ring Back Tone Service (RBT).
- Ring Tones.

The Executive Manager of Beecell, Bashar Hantouli, said: “Beecell is pleased to have signed with one of the Jordanian singers who has proven himself in the Middle East through his noticed presence in Jordan and the Arab world presenting his songs and music to his fans and lovers. We strive in Beecell to provide mobile users with elite quality of content.”

Beecell is currently providing 35 operators in the Middle East and North Africa with its services. It’s also working with more than 150 mobile content providers all over the world.

Beecell was founded in 2004 to provide operators in the Arab world with a large variety of services specialized for mobile applications, such as Arabic and English ringtones, backgrounds, and videos.