Beecell Launches its Services in Sudan

Amman, Jordan (November 2013), Beecell, the leading company of mobile value added services, announced the launch of its services in Sudan after the opening of its new branch in the Sudanese capital in November, 2013. This move embodies the company's efforts to expand its activities in regional and global markets to provide valued services to a larger segment of mobile users.

Mr. Bashar Al-Hantouli, CEO of Beecell, commented on this by saying: "Adding Sudan to the Arab markets we are operational in is a significant step, as this market is one of the most important and challenging markets, and opening our local branch there will enable us to offer our services that are in line with the market needs, as this branch will be responsible for conducting research of the market needs, developing the most suitable and outstanding products, and establishing partnerships with local institutions in order to provide the highest possible value for mobile users"

Sudan is one of the African countries that have shown progress in the field of telecommunications. The services that Beecell offers in Sudan include interactive services, content and 3G services, as well as development of mobile applications for smart phones in the Sudanese market.