Toyor Al Janah TV Selects Beecell to Distribute Digital Content Globally

Amman, Jordan (February 2015), Beecell the leading company of mobile value added services, has signed an agreement with the famous children TV station Toyor Al Janah to distribute its digital content worldwide via mobile and electronic devices and appliances.

The agreement between the two parties aims at providing children with highly valued content via all available digital platforms, including mobile phones, tablets, music players and others throughout the Arab world, or any other country in the world where Arab communities seek content of high quality for their children.

Mr. Bashar Al-Hantouli, CEO of Beecell, has expressed the company’s pleasure about this collaboration by stating that: “Toyor Al Janah children TV is one of the most important and successful satellite TV stations that has been providing featured and significant content for years in the region, and it has gained a widespread popularity since its launch as a result of its great ideas and useful educational content that is needed among Arab communities. We believe that this cooperation will help us develop new and innovative multiscreen delivery options of the content via technologies and platforms that provide a new value dimension to the quality of T Toyor Al Janah content”.

On the side of Toyor Al Janah’s, Mr. Sa’ad Hashim, operations manager of the station expressed their pleasure to collaborate with Beecell, which is considered one of the most advanced mobile value added services companies and digital content distributors in the region, stressing their keenness and excitement to exploit this partnership with Beecell to offer new and distinctive services and solutions to their end users.