Beecell Launches Qanati Mobile Application

Amman, Jordan (March 2018) Mymoonah is an edutainment platform consisting of multiple interactive applications targeting children from the age of 2 to 9 where learning is introduced in an entertaining manner.

“Mymoonah” is your assistant teacher that helps little ones understand school lessons in a fun and exciting way. It is a games store with many individual games that are designed to cover school subjects such as: addition, subtraction, spelling, reading, writing, counting, science, mathematics, and social skills.

While using “Mymoonah” parents can create their child’s profile and enter their names and upload their pictures to make the app experience more personal. Parents can also review their child’s performance history for each subject in order to keep track of how their child is progressing throughout the use of the application.

Mymoonah is available on iOS and Android mobile stores in four languages: Arabic, English, French, and Spanish.

Mr. Bashar Al-Hantouli, CEO of Beecell, has expressed the company’s pleasure regarding the launch of the application by stating: “Maymoonah is different from traditional gaming platforms. It allows children to grow their creativity and imagination, and it will also help in improving children’s problem solving, reading, writing, and counting skills through the gaming experience. The fact that parents can monitor their children’s progress adds a lot of value to the application, allowing parents to focus on areas where their children need development the most, while discovering their children’s strong and innovative skills”